Antoine d'Agata was born on 19th November 1961 in Marseille. At the age of 17, he interrupted his studies to live in the world of the night. For twelve years, he lived and travelled in some twenty countries. In 1991, while living in New York, and with no photographic experience, he enrolled at the International Center of Photography where he studied with Nan Goldin and Larry Clark. In 1993, he moved to France, worked as a bricklayer and stopped his photographic practice until 1997.


In 1998 his first book, Mala Noche, was published. The following year, he joined the Vugallery created by Christian Caujolle. In 2001, he received the Niépce prize. InSeptember 2003, the exhibition 1001 Nuits was inaugurated in Paris, accompaniedby the publication of two books, Vortex and Insomnia.


In 2004, he joined theMagnum agency, published his fifth book, Stigma, and made his first short film, ElCielo del muerto. In 2006, the photographer shot his second film, Aka Ana, inTokyo, and his latest four-hour feature, White Noise, brings together the voices of 24 women. Antoine d'Agata won the Photographic Book Prize at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d'Arles in 2013 for the book Anticorps, published the same year in a major exhibition at Le Bal, Paris. Antoine d'Agata's work can be read as an exploration of contemporary violence from two distinct perspectives: The violence of the day or economic and political violence (migration, refugees, poverty and war) and the violence of the night or violence generated by social groups marginalised by poverty (survival through crime, narcotic addiction, sexual excess).


His latest books (out of print) are VIRUS(2020), published by Studio Vortex, which documents the Covid-19 pandemic, andAntoine d'Agata - Francis Bacon (2020), published by The Eye, which bringstogether the works of both artists.For the past thirty years, Antoine d'Agata has lived and photographed all over the world. To date, he has published some fifty works. Author, photographer and filmmaker, he is a member of the Magnum Photos agency and his work is represented by the Galerie des filles du Calvaire in Paris, Magnum Gallery inLondon, MEM Gallery in Tokyo, Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam, Carles Tache Gallery in Barcelona. Internationally renowned, his work has been the subject ofnumerous solo exhibitions, has been shown in various museums and has been included in public and private collections throughout the world.

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